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Entry #3

Student of Animation

2012-03-01 02:16:28 by hellzo

You would think as a student of animation I would be doing even the smallest bit of animation. Nope, nada, zilch. I haven't even opened flash in a year, let alone come up with a concept. My turtle idea never paned out as I myself am not an angry person so I couldn't write for an angry character. Ive had a ton of ideas and concepts written down on paper but nothing that could ever come to be an animation.
My only animation that made it on NG is a piece of shit, I should have put more effort into it than I did. It was meant to be a story about the annoying new people in the Lock Legion, I don't even watch or do anything with them anymore, but the animation was bad, the story was bad, hell even the spelling was bad.
Its not that I haven't learned to animate or use flash, I have I just don't have a good idea and I really don't want to be remembered for a shitty animation if I am to be remembered for anything at all.

And its not like anyone is reading this I just wanted to get it out and down on paper.


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